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HW-630 Vinyl Cutting plotter
Categories:Vinyl Cutting Machinery
Title:HW-630 Vinyl Cutting plotter
Application field:Mainly used in advertisement/ packing/ automotive cosmetology and decoration industry
Features: Make Word(s)/ picture(s) cutting of vinyl and adhesive paper.
Title:HW-630 Vinyl Cutting plotter  Application field:Mainly used in advertisement/ packing/ automotive cosmetology and decoration industry   Model:
HW-630 Vinyl Cutting plotter

 1.Exact contour cutting function
     Red dot positioning (Mark) for accurate contour cutting function;
 2. Work independently without computer
      SupportSD card, work independently without computer
3.Paper roller and steel claw shaft    Leading high-speed curve smooth cutting operation capabilities, precisionand meticulous
    steel spike paper to ensure high cutting precision
4.Strong cutting force and low noise
      High strong cutting force can cut high strength grade reflective film; soft landingcutting method,
      strong cutting force with low noise.
5.Advanced controlling system (motherboard)
     High performance 32-bit processor with ARM Cortex-M3, supports all PC operating systems 
      Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 32-bit and 64-bit processor and MAC OS systems, high-
      precision micro-step segmentation, digital and intelligent protection driver;
 6.Variety of output interface
      Serial ports. USB port. SD card
 7.High Capacities
     8MB Memory, which wont be random and crash when cutting large documents
 8.LCD display and silica gel buttons
       Blue LCD bottom screen, aesthetic red, yellow, green and blue silica gel buttons.
 9.Precision mechanical transmission mode, ensuring high efficiency and high-quality
10.Luxury and elegant appearance, durable, practical and useful vinyl cutter.
 Technical Parameters
HW630 (24 inches)
Media Way

M Brackets


Main Board
High-performance & intelligentARM 32 CPU( 200 times faster than 51 chip)
Control Panel
16*4 character LCD display, 10silica gel buttons, easy-to-use and durable
High speed stepping motor, micro-step driver
Positioning Mode
Precision electronic Bounded System, random original point setting
Maximum Paper Feed Width





Maximum Cutting Width





Maximum Cutting Speed





Maximum Cutting Length
Cutting Force
0-1000g(digital adjustment)
Mechanical Precision
Repeatable Precision
< +-0.1mm
Type of Tool
Steel cutter blade
Type of Plot pen
All types diameter 11. 4mm plotter pen
Plotter Instruction
DM-PL/HP-GLAutomatic Identification
USB/ SD Card/ Serial port
Power Supply
AC110V /220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz



Red Dot Positioning
Positioning using red dot, contour cutting function;Compatible withFlexi10, Artcut, Signcut
Noise at Work
≤75 DB
External Dimension



Shipping Weight

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